Life here
is how you want
it to be.
Rainbows and roses
and plucking
off joy like
fruits from a tree.
It’s better than
any book you’ve
ever read
and talking here
goes smoother than
anything you’ve ever said.
And everything you’ll
ever need
is all that you’ll get.
But beware:
life here is
like walking through a
desert and spotting
water up ahead
only for it to disappear.
It taunts and teases
and once the rope that
tethers you to it
eases, you get
pulled back into
reality and you
will be awakened.
Maybe visit just
for the weekend.
For it’s a dangerous place,
the world that you can
delve into,
inside your head.



Can You Hear It?

hear it

How do you explain
This cosmic quiet
When if you hold your
Breath you can hear
There’s swords slashing
And tongues clashing
Chests roaring
And fires raging
And violence blaring
Loud enough deafen
How do you explain
The silence
When the earth is
Constantly awakened?

Think Less

think less

Sometimes what we precisely need
is to think less –
to not squeeze the juice
out of every peach
to not let the loud
voices inside screech,
to let the time
pass and let things be,
till the place we
want to be in,
the time where the
curtains lift,
and we know
the truth for exactly
what it is.
Till the earth takes
it’s sweet time turning.
Till your mind cools
down from the burning.
Till this place is the
only place that we
could possibly reach,
let us think less
and practise what
we preach.

1 am


rest my head
on my pillow
and peer
out the window
last night,
the moon
looked exactly
the same
but the
day wasn’t
I wasn’t
the same
and a year
from now
the moon
will look
the same
so I guess
we are just
fleeting moments
in this galaxy
split seconds
of existence
long and taxing
for us
but a mere blink
for the universe
so if I am
a tiny speck
if the world
is a platter
and we are
just one taste
I wish to
not let it
go to waste.



They will try to clip your wings,
Run as fast as you can.
Like clockwork
they’ll present themselves.
One at the intersection,
Two at the highway.
Their skeletons will
come after you.
They will attempt
To mangle your bones.
Run as fast as your
Feet can take you.
Lock the doors,
But let the windows stay open.
Take the beaten path.
Or follow the one,
That your heart
Takes you to.
And run as fast
As you can.
And when you do,
you won’t even realize.
That in a heartbeat,
you’ll be leaping.
They’ll crawl the earth,
And you’ll soar in the sky.
So even if they come,
do not bat an eye.


Things turn around
and your face looks
like a stranger’s
and no,
I cannot fathom that the
words slipping off your
tongue are yours.
And the way your
mouth curls into
a smile, a phantom
of what it used to be.
But things turn around
and people grow old
and older, until
we are nothing but
mutual friends,
being introduced to
ourselves in
the mirror,
once again.



we cannot succumb,
we cannot give in.
get up and do
what you’re meant
to be doing.
hate will keep
brewing like
an unwanted
storm in the
bones of those
those untouched
by humanity.
but if your heart
aches and your
heart beats,
get up and do
what you’re meant
to be doing
be a lover.
and choose kindness,
choose compassion.
think of those
without whose
smile you wouldn’t
make it here
and be that smile
for everyone
and no matter
don’t be an accomplice,
or fall prey
to the hands of hate.
choose love,