Poem: Computer


This is a poem I wrote as homework for school, but it’s turned out to be pretty good according to me. Here it is: Computer. (P.S: I can’t believe these thoughts actually come from me because I am terribly addicted to my computer!)


Feels like we’re together,
Even though we’re not.

If you can’t be with someone,
Don’t fret.

We’ll never be alone,
As long as we’ve got the internet.

Keyboards and mouse;
Like bricks joining a house.

They form a magic machine.
It’s better than anything you’ve seen.

The box of tomorrow,
That’s what they call it.

If you’re not in the garden,
You’re probably on it.

So tell me can you survive,
Without the computer?

There’s so much it provides,
And improves the future.

It’s so elusive,
You’re not human, if you’re not addicted.

In this world, you’re not protected.
Your whole life is displayed.

Even though you’re always connected,
It’s still not the same.

Sometimes all your efforts,
Will go in vain.

For it deletes in a click.
And you’ll go through hassle,
If same mistakes repeat.

It’ll strain your eyes,
And take your best.

Get a hobby,
Get a tutor.

Do your best,
To get away
From the computer