They will try to clip your wings,
Run as fast as you can.
Like clockwork
they’ll present themselves.
One at the intersection,
Two at the highway.
Their skeletons will
come after you.
They will attempt
To mangle your bones.
Run as fast as your
Feet can take you.
Lock the doors,
But let the windows stay open.
Take the beaten path.
Or follow the one,
That your heart
Takes you to.
And run as fast
As you can.
And when you do,
you won’t even realize.
That in a heartbeat,
you’ll be leaping.
They’ll crawl the earth,
And you’ll soar in the sky.
So even if they come,
do not bat an eye.


2 thoughts on “Instructions

  1. “They’ll crawl the earth,
    And you’ll soar in the sky.” Beautiful lines.

    A very inspirational poem. Competition and jealousy is faced by everyone in this world. The one who sustains his/ her originality and has full faith and confidence can reach higher and touch the sky.

    Have you ever felt hopeless or low when hindrances ran into your path? Go through my inspirational poem “I Can Reach High” at
    It’s a poem of Hope, strength and a never ending spirit to live Life.
    Hope you will like it 🙂
    Do leave your feedback, as it’s precious.

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