Things turn around
and your face looks
like a stranger’s
and no,
I cannot fathom that the
words slipping off your
tongue are yours.
And the way your
mouth curls into
a smile, a phantom
of what it used to be.
But things turn around
and people grow old
and older, until
we are nothing but
mutual friends,
being introduced to
ourselves in
the mirror,
once again.



we cannot succumb,
we cannot give in.
get up and do
what you’re meant
to be doing.
hate will keep
brewing like
an unwanted
storm in the
bones of those
those untouched
by humanity.
but if your heart
aches and your
heart beats,
get up and do
what you’re meant
to be doing
be a lover.
and choose kindness,
choose compassion.
think of those
without whose
smile you wouldn’t
make it here
and be that smile
for everyone
and no matter
don’t be an accomplice,
or fall prey
to the hands of hate.
choose love,