i’ll tell you what it’s like to be a human.
it’s feeling so much happiness that
every atom in you soaks it up.
it’s laughing giddily,
having no sense of reality,
sitting around in a dim lit room
with your loved ones by your side
and your dreams and ambitions
clutched under your arm
and feeling so deeply loved
and golden that you feel invincible,
like nothing is impossible and
if someone asks you to skydive
at that very moment,
you’d fling yourself from a helicopter,
with not a single worry,
with no care, no guard, no shame,
knowing you’ll make it.
because despite how utterly horrible
you might feel on some days,
one day you’ll be grown enough
to know it’ll pass.
know your parachute will lift you.
because despite all of it
all that you’ve gone through,
you get to have this;
the pure sense of being alive.
that unadulterated feeling of
a beating heart and working lungs
and breathing all the happiness in.
that’s what it’s like to be human.
to thrive and revel.
to laugh till you can’t breathe.
to let go and just be.