Slowly we drove,
On that summer evening.
Awaiting what we’d see next,
Unraveling as the milestones fled.
As if a curtain just dropped,
We saw a million city lights.
Shinning upon us,
Like we ourselves are made of it.
And in that moment,
We felt invincible.
The three hour drive,
Washed from our minds.
Like the flight that preceded-
The one where we saw the veins,
we circulate in from up above-
Never happened.
And there we were,
Alive and free.
Ready to experience,
What was to be.
Then was time lapse.
Little bits and pieces
Of giggles and pranks.
And honestly,
I don’t remember much.
But I can still feel the adrenaline,
That little pump of rush.
And four sunsets later,
As we bid goodbye to the city of dreams,
Our chins wobbled,
And lips trembled.
The little time we had,
Had felt like infinity.
We drove back home,
(Then flew a little)
Reminiscing, with dreamy smiles
Promising ourselves,
That we’d never forget,
What had been.