A Reminder


Pick me up at nine,
Go for a long drive.
Heads out the window,
Wind in our hair.
So what if we’re
Lost and blue?
We’ve got loads of time,
And till they call the shots,
I can kill it with you.
Pack your bags,
Let’s go for that trip.
Sun in our eyes,
Sand in our feet.
Just set free,
God knows who we’ll meet.
So what if we’re
Lost and blue?
So was Ariel,
When she walked,
For the first time.
She did fall and scrape her knee.
But she made it,
And so will we.
We’ve got loads of time.
And when they call the shots,
It’s time to shine.


We Matter


We Matter
The world as we know
made of you and me
is nothing.
It’s nothing in front of
the million stars
that make up the universe.
The world we dwell in
wouldn’t be here
if it wasn’t for an accident.
You and me on are own,
we are nothing.
So which throne are we in line for?
Which war are we fighting?
Slitting each other’s throats
reaching for invincibility.
When we have one task:
Unite and
bring peace
because we can.
No matter how minutely;
we all matter.
If we’re together,
we matter.