Million Lights


Millions Lights

So this is it, I have this thing.
Sometimes I don’t think, I just do the thing.
And all these people, they’re telling me,
There’s only one life to live.
So why can’t you forget,
And just forgive?
This is true, I have this one rule.
You treat me well; I’ll do the same for you.
And all these people; want what they want.
But if you say something rude,
What I return is a taunt?
This is it. I have this thing.
Tomorrow might be my day,
But so is today.
So don’t try to stop me.
I’ve got a lot to say.
This is it.
I have this thing.
I can’t sit here and watch you be the star.
Because if this life is a movie,
I’ve too been cast.
And I won’t hide in my flaws,
When I can shine in my art.
This is it.
I have a million lights in me,
And they won’t shine on you,
They’re busy illuminating me.