Don’t leave halfway,
Don’t walk away.

Turn every pebble,
Pick up every leaf.

Because what is important,
Always lies beneath.

Don’t wilt,
When you can bloom.

Focus on positives,
Not just doom.

Breath in,
Breathe out.

But don’t fall out.

Because what is important,
Is the balance.

And when the rope is thin,
You have to accept the challenge.

See the sun,
Past the clouds.

See it smiling,
Even when the grey howls.

You’re not alone,
Just believe.

Because all the nicest things,
Are the hardest to see.


Never Give Up


Never Give Up.

She waited by the phone,
For a call that never came.
She pressed her lips in tension,
She is stressed, not to mention.
She’d put in all her energy,
She’d thought about this day for ages.
Her friends had helped,
It was hard to express what she felt.
There was excitement,
There was anxiety.
There was anxiousness,
And there was happiness.
Mamma had said,
“You’ll surely win.”
And she couldn’t forget,
Her Papa’s grin.
With a saddened face,
She entered her room.
She said it was okay,
She hid her doom.
But one fine day,
She was happy again.
When she saw that sun-ray,
Peep through the rain.
And the phone rang this time,
With a happy news.
And she understood it then,
That it’s never too late.
That if you never give up,
You could never lose.