the only one
you’ll ever need to impress
the only one
you need to love
the only one
you’ve ever needed
the only one
you can’t go without
has always been
will always be


Growing Up


On the one hand,
it feels absurd
to shed who you’ve been
like a second skin.
But on the other,
stars still glitter
and the sea looks
just as grave.
It’s the becoming
that feels so strange.
The comfort in knowing,
you’ll never be the same.



there’s something to be said
about going away
stepping out like
the sun has come out to play
something to be said about
the way you feel
in a foreign land
where only you are foreign
and everything else
simply belongs
how you feel more
than the skin and flesh
that binds you together
how time and space collapse
seize to exist in a different city
how as the days roll past
summer nights getting
smaller and smaller
wasted over glasses
washed into waves
how as the day of departure
squeezes closer,
those lands make you their own
and you too, belong.


Few And Far Between


For every heart
that has ever
felt like it would
just stop beating
for everyone
who has loved
and gained,
even in a loss
for hands that
give and give
and never ask
for anything back
this is for you:
the few
and far between
you are the
best thing
this world has seen.



Untangling skin that
somehow feels paper thin
in moments that feel akin
so familiar they echo and
rattle like a quiet lullaby
constantly playing like a
backing track in my mind
in silent moments of wonderment
I become my own muse
this mind is home to so much
sometimes I become old news
fading into the very backing track
and blending into it like a fuzzy
vision of a cloudless sky on a sunny day
only thoughts of you awaken the sky,
as though a bird is flying by.


Joy & Pain


Joy and pain
slither and gaunter
like lovers.
They roam
hand in hand
and sometimes
you invite
one of them
to the party
and the other
one shows up.
There’s no
telling with them.
And everyone
looks at them
like they are
crazy when
they walk
down the street
taking turns
to greet each
one they see
but when
they aren’t
all hell breaks
Because without
one of them
how do you recognize
the other?
So you make peace
with the uninvited guest.
For both will
grace you with
their presence,
even if you refuse.