Poetry Is Medicine

What’s the cure for feeling?

The antidote for melancholy?

Or the best way to record this sliver of

a moment that slithered through

the cracks like a beam of light?

Where does this go,

the way the silliest thing made

you smile or the way he held your hand

and said stay, stay for a while?

Who will help you to work through

the pounding of your heart,

what will translate that feeling

of things falling together while falling apart?

Where do you take that memory from

when you were five and met a friend,

feeling alive for the first time?

They say talk to people,

say what’s on your mind,

so you pick up verse and rhyme.

Blind Spot

There are no answers for that,
those sticky questions
that you get stuck on for days.
We would like them,
for things to be black
and white and no shred of gray,
only clarity and no doubts
to make your decisions sway.
But it can’t always be so
and how lucky are we?
That the spaces between
yes and no push us to edges,
to places with a fistful of pages
of calculations and deliberations
stuffed in our pockets, head on,
into new lands where we expand.
That blind spot of maybes where
we go to grow.
Some things will never have answers
but isn’t that so nice to know?

© Richa Bhagwat

Show Up

the greatest and the only
piece of advice anyone
could ever offer you:
show up.
even when it feels
like you woke up
with no soul
or your clothes
fit ill or your
shoe’s been stolen
when your heart’s
in shreds
when you have to
meet a person you
show up
when the weather is shit
and you did not study
for the test
when you fought with
a friend and hate the
when there’s butterflies
in your stomach
and a vacuum in your
and all your feelings
are on house arrest
show up
if not to prove
you are the bravest
show up because
every worst day
could still turn into
the best

© Richa Bhagwat

Piece of Fiction

Maybe you were a sculpture,
an early morning dream.
Or a ghost that the autumnal
wind brought in.
Maybe you were a cloud,
a ripple on the steam,
or a snowflake that melted
when the summer came in.
Maybe you were just you,
flesh and bones
and too many jokes,
fogged up in my rear view.
Maybe you were written like
an unwritten poem,
or a piece of fiction,
I wish was true.

© Richa Bhagwat

The Feeling

it’s what we’re chasing
that thing that rears
it’s head so rarely
that we get scared
we wait
for that feeling
to come around
and once it shows up
we hit the ground
running, running, running,
speeding past it
and not gasping
till it’s all said
and done
and the feeling is left
miles behind as we
go through the motions
misplacing them
like a hasty,
and foolish housekeeper.
trust, fear, judgement, faith
all lost in the
storeroom downstairs
why do we let
everything that we cannot
touch or feel or hold in
our hands
go to waste

© Richa Bhagwat


On the path your heart wants to follow,
lies love and celebration
and a life from your dreams,
your wildest imagination.
On the path you feel obligated to follow,
lies only desolation.
Half hearted, never ending effort
and a lonely stagnation.
The path your heart wants to follow,
will put you at ease.
The path you feel obliged to follow,
will make you look for release.
It’s that easy,
to find ease.

© Richa Bhagwat


(Written for my cousin’s wedding.)

They’ll come along,
you’ll feel right when they do.
Walking on two legs
in blood and flesh.
Your missing piece
is a human being.
They will look familiar,
they were spun on the
wheel of your dreams,
after all.
Tailor made,
one of a kind.
Ready to walk any line,
To even walk down the aisle.
They’ll come along,
you’ll feel right when they do.
No, you are
no less whole
than you thought you were.
But some day a smile
will sew up a little
cavity in your chest
and just a few words
will turn the lights
on in your head.
You will find that exact piece
which makes you a little bit
bolder, wiser, kinder
than you already are.
It will perk up your face.
A cherry on your sundae.
This is a piece,
that is rightfully yours
but it isn’t
supposed to be
a part of you.
For you will mold
and take shape
into something greater,
and something new.
They’ll come along,
you’ll feel right when they do.
They’ll show up in places,
you never thought to find.
And you will
want them to stay for a while.
Forever, in fact,
would do just fine.

© Richa Bhagwat